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I work with a wide variety of presenting issues, including, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, abuse, bullying, hurt, anger, rage, relationship issues, intrusive thoughts, OCD, eating disorders, self harm and suicide ideation, personal development, addiction recovery and more.

​My approach is integrative, predominantly emotive (SEBT - Subject Emotive Brief Therapy) while taking in the wisdom of models such as Somatic, Rogerian, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), RT (Reality Therapy), SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) and Gestalt.

Issues such as anxiety and others listed above require a certain fuel to power them.  This comes from a charge held in the body arising from issues and traumas previously unresolved.  Presenting issues arise when this emotional charge overwhelms.  When we reduce this charge, the behaviours and emotional discomforts fade.  A new self acceptance and confidence emerges and our future opens to us.

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